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Shawn Davis
            Shawn Davis
            Detachment Commander

JULY 2017

Thank you to all the members of the Detachment of Minnesota, for electing me as their Commander for the next year. It was a humbling experience being in front of so many that attended Detachment Campout, and witness the transition of leadership.

I would like to thank my wife Jill for all her support. To my parents, Lee and Joanne Davis for placing my cover on me, and pinning the Detachment Commander pin on my lapel. To Jim Munson, thank you for mentoring me these years, and presenting me with the Commander gavel. Thank you to Alternate NEC Dennis Henkemeyer for presiding over the installation ceremony. Thank you to Terri Munson, Merv and Penny Becker, Joe and Wendy Starr, for coming up and showing your support from Minneapolis-Richfield American Legion Post 435 Family. Thank you as well to the membership of the 5th District, and to all the members of this great family we call The American Legion for the support and encouragement.

My eligibility is through my Grandfather, Les Davis, who served with the U.S. Navy during W.W. II, and through my father, Lee Davis, who serve with the U.S. Army during Vietnam. I honor their service with my volunteerism.

My theme this year is 5 for Minnesota. Five what you may ask? Let me say, we have a mission this year. To be the BEST Detachment in the United States of American by the time the National Convention comes to town in 2018. Not asking for much, am I? But with teamwork, communication, education, and support, we are capable of great things. And to have a successful mission, we need objectives.

In the membership area, I challenge each Squadron to recruit 5 new members of The American Legion Family (any combination of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, or The Sons of the American Legion). I have proposed an award for the 12,000th new member of The Sons of The American Legion, an additional award for the person who recruits that member, and a final award for the home squadron the member is recruited into.

Another objective I have laid forth is a challenge to raise $5 per member for my Commanders project. I asked them to give up one thing, a pack of cigarettes, that fancy coffee, whatever, and contribute that $5 to the Commanders project. At the end of the year, 50% of what was raised will go to The Department of Minnesota Foundation, Fund 84 - The Legacy Scholarship. The American Legion Family, with the American Legion Riders as the spear tip, have a lofty goal for the 2018 fundraising target. And it will only succeed if we work together as a family to reach it. 25% will go to the Department of Minnesota ROTC Scholarship. So both of those objectives involve education. The last 25% of the Commanders project will go to the American Legion Family Hospital Association, to continue to aid the membership of this Department.

My other theme is communication. I included a mailing to all Squadrons in their membership packets to open up a line of communication with them, the Districts, and Detachment. I have also begun to deliver video messages on Facebook, and the web to reach out to our membership to keep them informed, and involved.

So as the year goes along, and as I see all of you at rallies, meetings, Camporee, and conferences, you will hear more about the objectives that the Detachment of Minnesota will be striving for in order to be the BEST!

Until next time, 5 for Minnesota!

Below are some videos I have produced:

Shawn Davis
Detachment Commander